Placemats and Napkins


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I’m all about easy sewing projects.  I like to make things that look impressive, but are quick and easy to sew.

A table runner and placemats is a quick, easy project and fun for a beginner sewer.  Quilting fabrics are usually 100% cotton and are a perfect choice for these tabletop pieces.  There are thousands of coordinating fabrics to choose from and can be casual or formal, feminine or masculine, grown-up-fancy or cute and childish.

It’s usually difficult for me to choose one fabric for all the pieces, so this is a good excuse to choose more fabrics for more pieces.  If you keep the pattern layout the same and choose fabrics in the same collection you can mix your fabrics.  That’s why we make fabrics in collections.

A sample of a placemat and table runner pattern are below.  Again, this is easy…a big block with a sashing (a border around the big block) and a border.  My samples below are four different placemats to coordinate with the table runner.


It’s easy to make cloth napkins to coordinate.  A cloth napkin adds a special touch to a casual lunch or ordinary dinner.

When you coordinate the napkins in a solid color, be sure the color is the same as your original fabric, for example the same shade of red…there are a lot of reds out there (especially at Christmas) you don’t want something that clashes.

I like a colorful table so I choose a few colors in the main fabric to accent the pattern.  For example if you used the fruit fabric below for your placemats, you can make napkins in a solid purple, red, orange, yellow and green to pull everything together nicely.

Endless possibilities!!


Clay Cottage


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Good morning,

I’m starting to think about spring gardens.  After looking at my clay pots for container gardens, I was inspired to do a collection in shades of clay, creams, white and taupe.

You’ll see from this collection I like to create traditional and watercolors, swirls and twirls, dots and stripes.

Some links are below.  There are more than 20 items in this collection.

Lily of the Valley Paper Card

Lily of the Valley Stationary at Zazzle


Clay Colored RibbonClay Ribbons


Kraft Polka Dots on White Stationery

Dots Stationary at Zazzle


Clay Burst EnvelopeClay Burst Envelopes


Lily of the Valley Framed Paper Card

Lily of the Valley on Gray Stationary


You can shop this collection at  Clay Cottage at Zazzle.

Poppy and Pomegranate


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This collection was inspired by a friend’s bedroom colors of burgundy and orange.  She says “it looks like a beautiful sunset all the time.”  This collection has my digital designs in bright poppy and shades of pomegranate.




Windy Leaves

Windy Leaves








This collection of tabletop, kitchen and fabric has over 25 items to choose from and can be found at Zazzle and Spoonflower.


Poppy & Pom Quilt 5


Poppy and Pomegranate fabrics at Spoonflower

Easy Quilts – A great first project


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If you’re new to quilting don’t be overwhelmed with all the quilt options.  There are so many fabrics on the market, thousands of quilt blocks to choose from and endless  possibilities to put them together with borders, sashes and bindings.

The best advise I got when I was making my first quilt came from my sister.

#1  Make the quilt with big square blocks, maybe three or four blocks across and three or four down, each block can measure 6″ x 6″, or 8″ x 8″ or 10″ or 10″…whatever you want, but keep your layout simple.  I’ve included a sample below.

This is a great way to learn to put together fabrics, colors, a theme and to learn the basics.  Keep the layout simple.

We started on my mission to choose fabrics for my first quilt.  I love fabric so I decided to do all whites and creams because it was going to be too difficult to choose a color scheme.  I kept thinking whites and creams, but ended up, oranges, greens and red with just a hint of creams.

So, the second piece of advise was:
#2  It’s YOUR quilt.  You get to choose the fabrics YOU want.

The quilt sample below has 3 blocks across and 3 blocks down of only two different fabrics, but with several borders.  Super simple.


This can easily be replicated in your colors and fabrics.   This is great for a baby quilt, a lap quilt or even a small wall quilt, just adjust the size of the blocks and borders.