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Because I was a florist it’s fun for me to make surface designs with flower bouquets.  My recent collection are woodland-wildflower bouquets with fruits and berries.  I suppose because I’ve added the fruits and berries, that’s why I think they’re “woodland.”

Bouquet Blue Forest

Wildflower Bouquet of Muscari, Wisteria and Berries


Bouquet Heather_edited-2

Wildflower Bouquet of Heather and Cotton


Bouquet Wildflowers and Berries

Wildflower Bouquet of Baptisia and Berries


Bouquet Yellow Wildflowers_edited-2

Wildflower Bouquet of Snapdragons and Rosehips


Bouquet Red Garden_edited-2

Wildflower Bouquet of Pussy Willow and Berries


I’m not sure where I’ll use these designs, but they’re sure fun to make.