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I have always had a passion for flower arranging.  I opened my first design studio and gift shop in my early 30’s.  While I was in business with my second flower shoppe several years ago, I discovered surface designing  and that gave me the opportunity to sell my pillows, tea towels, napkins, banners and linens.

It’s fun to make tea towels and guest towels through Spoonflower and Zazzle.  They’re great for every season or occasion, or just to add color to a room.


Start with something small and add stuff to it.  I started with an olive…

Pimento Olive

and ended up coordinating a set of towels…


I started with a cherry…

Keep it simple with only two colors, but mix the patterns…

You can put a favorite recipe on a tea towel…


Make them colorful for birthdays…



Remember, everything can be customized at Zazzle, so you can add a family name to your towel.


Birthday Tea Towel


There are a lot of ways to decorate towels:

  • Copy your child’s picture from art class onto a towel.
  • Stripes.  Polka dots.  Words.  Stars.  Paint splotches.  Pets.
  • Customize a set for a shower or wedding gift.
  • Get inspired from clipart online for holiday ideas.
  • Think of themes, hobbies, sports and occupations like gardening, sewing, art, dance, shoes, hats, candy, baking, books, hair stylist, teacher, etc.

If you’re even a little bit artistic (or not) it’s fun to create.  Give it a try.