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I had some free time yesterday in between my Mother’s Day baking.  So, of course I was inspired by all the spring bees coming back to the flower gardens.

Customize these Beehive Paper Plates at Zazzle



Customize these Beehive Napkins at Zazzle


Customize these Beehive Labels at Zazzle


Beehive Pillows at Zazzle



Customize this Beehive Notebook at Zazzle


Beehive Tea Pot

You can customize this Beehive Teapot at Zazzle


I’ve also added this to my Bees and Honey collection at Spoonflower Fabrics.

Bees on Hive_edited-2 fabric by della_vita on Spoonflower - custom fabric


Thanks for visiting.  Happy Mother’s Day!!



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Aprons are fun to make and the possibilities are endless.  They’re great to use scraps of fabrics and leftover embellishments.  I’m not sure why I’ve become obsessed with sewing aprons.  I guess it’s because there are so many ways to make each one unique, no two are exactly alike.  And, once again, you can use several different fabrics for each apron.  There are several pieces when you make an apron, the straps, pockets, ruffles, waistband…each one can be a different fabric.  That’s why I like to make aprons.

Choose your color scheme and lay your fabrics out together.

Choose your embroidery threads – embroidery is optional.

Choose your embellishments, laces and trims, these are optional


Cut 4 strips of fabric 25” long by 2-1/2” wide for your NECK tie straps.  Pin two pieces right sides together.  Stitch a ½” seam on 3 sides leaving one short end open and turn right side out after sewing.  Fold in the unfinished edge ¼” and press.   Repeat for second neck tie.


Cut 4 strips of fabric 33″ long by 2-1/2” wide for WAIST tie straps.  Pin two pieces right sides together.  Stitch a ½” seam on 3 sides leaving one short end open and turn right side out after sewing.   Fold in  the unfinished edge ¼” and press.  Repeat for second waistband tie.


Cut one large piece for apron BOTTOM  22” long by 22” across.    Leave the top (waistline) unfinished, and on remaining 3 sides fold under raw edges on sides and bottom twice (1/4” each time) toward wrong side of fabric.  Press and topstitch close to edge to finish the sides and bottom hem.


Cut a variety of “strips” for the top of the apron 17” across, allow ½ seam allowance at top and bottom of each strip.  Use as many fabrics as you like. For example 3 equal size strips should be cut 3” + ½” at top and ½” at bottom = 4” x 17”  for each strip.

Or, use one large piece of fabric instead of strips.  “Strip piecing” is optional.


Stitch together lengthwise to create a finished top approximately 9” from top to waistline.

To finish the top and sides fold in edges twice towards wrong side of fabric (1/4” each time) and topstitch close to these three edges.  Note:  Leave the waistline edge unstitched.


With right sides together, center the unfinished edge of the APRON BODICE to the center of the unfinished edge of the APRON at the waistline and stitch with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

On the wrong side of the APRON BODICE, pin each of the neck tie pieces approximately 1” in from each end and ½” from top.

Stitch through all thicknesses at 1/8” and ½” from top edge of garment.

On the wrong side of each edge of the waistline of the apron fold over 1/2″  of unfinished edge once toward the wrong side and press.

Attach each of the waistband TIE pieces to the back edges of the apron waistline. 

Stitch through all thicknesses close to edge of the waistband ties.  Stitch end ½” and 1” from edges onto apron bodice.

Topstich each neck and waistband tie close to edges on 3 sides.


Add embroidery.  I chose a design from

Add laces and trims.  I added mine across each bodice seam.

Get creative and artistic.  Try different colors.


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Cherries – Surface Design


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Not sure why I like fruits and berries so much, but I have a lot of them in my surface designs.  I like them for tabletop and kitchen items, gifting items and office supplies.



Wildflower-Woodland Bouquets – Surface Designs


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Because I was a florist it’s fun for me to make surface designs with flower bouquets.  My recent collection are woodland-wildflower bouquets with fruits and berries.  I suppose because I’ve added the fruits and berries, that’s why I think they’re “woodland.”

Bouquet Blue Forest

Wildflower Bouquet of Muscari, Wisteria and Berries


Bouquet Heather_edited-2

Wildflower Bouquet of Heather and Cotton


Bouquet Wildflowers and Berries

Wildflower Bouquet of Baptisia and Berries


Bouquet Yellow Wildflowers_edited-2

Wildflower Bouquet of Snapdragons and Rosehips


Bouquet Red Garden_edited-2

Wildflower Bouquet of Pussy Willow and Berries


I’m not sure where I’ll use these designs, but they’re sure fun to make.


Ivy Trellis Designs


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Tattoo 10 in rotated
I’ve got a lot of ivy and trailing flowers in my backyard gardens.  Sweet peas, climatis climbing roses and morning glories are around my deck.  Vinca vine is under my lilac tree and I’m trying to control the English ivy coming in from the neighbors’ yards.

My digital floral designs usually include some type of twirling, trailing ivy.  I like the way it softens the design and gives a new “texture” to the foliage in my flower bouquets.


These collections include companion pieces in solid colors, polka dots, butterflies and hummingbirds.

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Bee Stuff


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I don’t know why I have such an attraction to designing things with bees and honey.  Maybe it’s because the bees are an underdog and are on the decline and some species are endangered.  Maybe it’s because of neutral the colors.  I’m sort of a neutral kind of person.

My bee and honey designs are a cottage-style collection of bees, honeycombs, meadow flowers, checks, dots, dandelions and honey.  The colors I’ve used are gold, honey, cream, olive green and white.








I have nearly 100 Bee and Honey products including business cards, cake plates, ribbon, rubber stamps, kitchen and office products at Spoonflower Fabrics and Zazzle. The designs at Zazzle can all be customized with your name or message.

Shop at Zazzle Bees ‘n Honey  or Bees ‘n Honey Stationary or Spoonflower  Bees ‘n Honey Fabrics.

Blue Tile Designs


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This collection is inspired by the blue tiles in the Mediterranean.  If you sew, these designs would be a colorful addition to your table as placemats and napkins.

If you quilt, these designs aren’t too feminine and will make a nice blanket for a bedroom or a small lap quilt.

Blue Tiles

If you scrapbook be sure to view the stationary/backgrounds at Zazzle.

Spanish Tile Macedonia Stationery

Macedonia at Spoonflower Fabrics

Macedonia (with Orange) Stationary at Zazzle

Spanish Tile Cyprus Stationery

Cypress at Spoonflower Fabrics

Marrakech Envelopes at Zazzle


Spanish Tile Morocco


This collection of tabletop, kitchen, stationary and fabric has over 40 items to choose from and can be found at Zazzle and Spoonflower.

Tea Towel Surface Designs


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I have always had a passion for flower arranging.  I opened my first design studio and gift shop in my early 30’s.  While I was in business with my second flower shoppe several years ago, I discovered surface designing  and that gave me the opportunity to sell my pillows, tea towels, napkins, banners and linens.

It’s fun to make tea towels and guest towels through Spoonflower and Zazzle.  They’re great for every season or occasion, or just to add color to a room.


Start with something small and add stuff to it.  I started with an olive…

Pimento Olive

and ended up coordinating a set of towels…


I started with a cherry…

Keep it simple with only two colors, but mix the patterns…

You can put a favorite recipe on a tea towel…


Make them colorful for birthdays…



Remember, everything can be customized at Zazzle, so you can add a family name to your towel.


Birthday Tea Towel


There are a lot of ways to decorate towels:

  • Copy your child’s picture from art class onto a towel.
  • Stripes.  Polka dots.  Words.  Stars.  Paint splotches.  Pets.
  • Customize a set for a shower or wedding gift.
  • Get inspired from clipart online for holiday ideas.
  • Think of themes, hobbies, sports and occupations like gardening, sewing, art, dance, shoes, hats, candy, baking, books, hair stylist, teacher, etc.

If you’re even a little bit artistic (or not) it’s fun to create.  Give it a try.

St. Marie Collection


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This classic black and white collection was inspired by my friend’s millinery shop in Cleveland, Ohio Studio St. Marie.   Although her signature colors are only black and white, I’ve added just a touch of red to a few designs.

All items at Zazzle can be customized with your names or special message.  This collection has over 30 items including plates, napkins, gift tags, wine boxes, etc. and can be shopped at Zazzle St. Marie collection. The fabric collection is at St. Marie at Spoonflower.








Nature and Wildlife


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So many of my designs are inspired by flowers, birds and other things in nature.

The picture below turned into the fabric design below


Heron with Flowers CON_edited-2


It’s fun to review my pictures and turn them into fabric or paper product designs.

Of course, some pictures are obvious for a greeting card or postage stamp.



The following designs are just a few samples of my garden inspired napkins.


Lily of the Valley Napkins

Cusomize these Lily of the Valley napkins at Zazzle


Dragonflies and Butterflies Napkins

Dragonfly Napkins at Zazzle


Baby Chicks with a Frame of Ivy Napkin

Customize Designs at Zazzle


Flower Napkins at Zazzle


Berries and Leaves napkins at Zazzle


Shop hundreds of my floral, foliage, berries and wildlife designs on tabletop, kitchen, postage, gift wrap, wallpaper and fabrics at Zazzle and Spoonflower.